The Alternative Brighton Tube Map - A2 LARGE - The RUDE one!

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The Alternative Brighton Tube Map - A2 LARGE - The RUDE one!

This is a naughtier more adult version of my original Brighton themed reworking of the tube map. If you can't work out the more obscure facts and references, there's a handy glossary at the bottom to help you out!

Travel around the Suncream & Weed Line, along the Inner Tourist Loop and up and down Party Central. All the famous stops are there along with quirky highlights like Vintage & Vegans, Bartholomew's Ark, Car Dealers, Arty Mums and Fighting Drunks. There's also a guide to the seafront from Trade Stores via Sewer Tours to Burning Privates. Informative and fun!

This large version is A2 in size (42 x 59.4cm) a standard size, so it's easy to find a frame for. If you'd prefer a a more compact version, you can get the A3 one here.

Open edition signed by the artist J David Bennett. It is professionally digitally printed on heavy weight uncoated paper. As with all art prints, please keep away from strong sunlight to prevent fading.

PLEASE NOTE You are buying an UNFRAMED print (the framed photos are to illustrate how your print could look framed up.) Your print will be sent out to you in a card backed envelope or rolled in a cardboard tube, to protect it in the post.